TESTIMONY By: Christina Fox

On July 10th my husband got out of bed and said he could not breathe!  He seemed to be in great distress, so I called 911 immediately.  Within a short period of time three EMS workers and three police officers appeared at the front door.  They administered oxygen and took my husband by ambulance to Hudson Valley Hospital.  I began praying right away as I followed the ambulance in my car.  I made calls and sent texts to my fellow church members, friends, and family as I wanted everyone to start praying for him right away.

 Michael was admitted to the hospital and it was determined that he had had a heart attack.  God hears and answers our prayers.  My husband's cardiologist wanted to determine the cause of his heart attack and knew he needed advanced tests not available at the local hospital.  He arranged for Michael to be transferred to New York Presbyterian Hospital in Manhattan the next day.

By this time the church prayer team and everyone else was praying for Michael.  I thank God that he was sent to a top notch hospital with the doctors and services needed to find out not only what was wrong with his heart, but how to fix it.  The whole time he was there I felt the presence of the Lord.  I knew God was watching over my precious husband and I trusted him to completely to take care of Michael.

Nothing else on this Earth compares to the total comfort you feel when you know the Lord and trust Him with the life of a loved one.  Resting in God's strong arms, you know that regardless of the outcome, the Lord will be there to lead you through even the most difficult of situations.  You also know that God will arrange for whatever is needed to take care of your loved one.  You are greatly comforted knowing so many other people are praying for you and the person you have entrusted to the Lord's care.  It is like being immersed in a warm sea where you know you will be safe, regardless of any waves that come along.

I thank God for providing everything and everyone needed to heal my husband.  I know he is alive today because of God's grace and unconditional love for ALL His children!