No church ministry would be complete without a team of technicians that keep our sound systems running, song projections on cue, sermons recorded and shared… Dave Jennings and Connie Kelly (with their faithful ‘silent partner’) do just that, Sunday after Sunday! We appreciate the dedication, sensitivity and attention they bring to their often-overlooked ministry. Be sure to thank them (in the sound booth at the back of church) when you visit!

Connie Kelly has been attending Yorktown Vineyard Church for the past 10 years. She maintains the church’s website, is involved with the Multi Media Ministry and has been known to snap a few photographs of our events. Connie says that one of her heart’s desires was to work on a website; and now God has fulfilled her dream. Whenever you see Connie, she will be working in the back booth creating slide shows of what is happening at Yorktown Vineyard Church and sharing the words of our worship songs up on the front screen.