Healing Ministry

Prayer and Healing Service 

Public Prayer and Healing Services are held the third Sunday of each month, from 3 – 5pm, these services are for those in need of prayer for all sorts of healing and follow the model of meditational/’soaking’ prayer with the assistance of a prayer team.

We begin in the Fellowship Room with coffee and snacks, and chat a bit about what healing prayer is, and what to expect. Healing may be physical, emotional, spiritual – or maybe something you just cant put your finger on. You will be asked to write your prayer request on a piece of paper.

The service starts in the Sanctuary with one or two quiet worship songs. The prayer requests are placed on the seat next to you. As quiet music plays, the prayer team will move around the church, quietly look at your requests, and pray silently for your needs.

After about 45 minutes, we all return to the fellowship hall and have an opportunity to share and close in prayer. It’s that simple! Many people have come away with answers to prayers, healings, and a new view of God’s love for them.

Christian Healing Ministries

Healing Prayer Program– Betsy Lane & Diane Piccirilli
This ministry seeks to establish Christian healing prayer as a way of life in our families, church and community.

As teachers and directors of this work, Betsy and Diane teach three levels of courses that train class members about healing prayer as intercessors, and also provide opportunities to train as a prayer team. The three series of twelve classes are scheduled Sunday afternoons at Yorktown Vineyard. Please contact us if you are interested in participating.

The materials used were written and produced by Christian Healing Ministries, a Christ-centered, nondenominational, and non-profit organization that is dedicated to the practice and teaching of healing prayer begun by Francis and Judith MacNutt.

Betsy Lane 

Betsy Lane has been attending Yorktown Vineyard for about two years .
The church’s strong bible teaching, worship and loving fellowship provide the foundation for her work in the area of teaching others and applying her twelve years of study and practice in prayer and healing ministry.

In 2004 Betsy had a powerful experience of the Holy Spirit that lead her to seek training, become part of several regional prayer ministries and equip others to learn and grow. As God’s grace surrounds, the love of Christ heals and the power of the Holy Spirit renews, this work will continue to bring hope and renewal, with an emphasis on outreach to our community.