Family Ministries


Who doesn’t want to be a kid again? And yet in this world of electronic devices and video games, it is easy for children to be set aside with a device to be quiet and ‘out of the way’ while adults do other things. Not at Yorktown Vineyard! All children stay with their parents for the first few songs of worship and praise, and are invited to Sunday School at the announcements. There is a special class for our kids where they learn new and exciting things about God while being led and cared for by vetted adult volunteers from our congregation. With a snack (let us know about allergies!!!), interaction with other children, and crafts, they will learn about Jesus, and how God cares about them and is with them all the time.



Our youth are living in a culture that pulls them away from family and traditional values. Daily, they are being sucked into an unreal and deceptive world where being accepted is equated to popularity, looks, ‘likes’ and who is the greatest ‘influencer.’ By partnering with parents and caregivers in our youth meetings and in their lives, we look to come alongside our students and model how to deal with life’s issues by becoming passionate followers of Christ. By listening to their needs and hearts, sharing scripture, and mentoring, we look to build a solid and practical living relationship with Jesus.


Whether married, single, single mom or stay at home mom, professional or retired - we understand that women have different issues and situations to deal with in their lives.We offer several opportunities for women to fellowship with others, learn, serve, grow, and strengthen their faith alongside others. We are all at different stages in faith and maturity, and we look to share our experiences and enjoy our differences as we help one another and grow closer to Christ.  
Consider attending “Peaceful Nights.” a special program designed to give women a night off from their usual chores where they can relax, eat, and share God’s love with each other.  Tonida Carchi hosts the Peaceful Nights ministry at her home once a month, on the third Thursday of each month from 7 to 9:30 PM.



In this busy world, it is so important to take a moment to connect with other men in our community. Our Men's ministry programs center on gathering around the Word of God and living lives modeled after Christ. We join together to challenge one another to live out our faith while impacting others with the power and truth of the Gospel.  Be sure to stay connected and visit the events page for upcoming events and meeting times.

Learning and Growing

Adult Sunday School

Available to all who are interested held after church at 1:00 lunch included!. What better way to study the Bible and grow in knowledge than to break bread and open the word? All are welcome! Bring your Bible, a notebook, and a desire to learn and fellowship. Anne Ngowe will help navigate the Word of God and fellowship. 



Home Group Meetings

Weekly meetings that are held at people’s homes or other venues have been the mainstay of Vineyard churches from the very beginning. Now that the COVID-19 ‘NY Pause’ has eased a bit, we are starting up Zoom (and one live) homegroups called "Breakthrough" which are beginning the second week of September 2020. See EVENTS for more info.

Home Groups are smaller gatherings held during the week, where people gather to share in fellowship, bible study, worship and sometimes meals. It is a casual, informal way to get to know each other, share your lives, and get support in your walk with God and your dealings with life. We look forward to getting together again really soon, and hope that you will be able to join us.


Prayer and Healing Service

Public Prayer and Healing Services are held the third Sunday of each month, from 3 – 5pm, these services are for those in need of prayer for all sorts of healing and follow the model of meditational/’soaking’ prayer with the assistance of a prayer team.

We begin in the Fellowship Room with coffee and snacks, and chat a bit about what healing prayer is, and what to expect. Healing may be physical, emotional, spiritual – or maybe something you just cant put your finger on. You will be asked to write your prayer request on a piece of paper.

The service starts in the Sanctuary with one or two quiet worship songs. The prayer requests are placed on the seat next to you. As quiet music plays, the prayer team will move around the church, quietly look at your requests, and pray silently for your needs.

After about 45 minutes, we all return to the fellowship hall and have an opportunity to share and close in prayer. It’s that simple! Many people have come away with answers to prayers, healings, and a new view of God’s love for them. Betsy Lane will welcome you for pre-meeting discussion and post-meeting debrief.

Christian Healing Ministries

Healing Prayer Classes – Betsy Lane

This ministry seeks to establish Christian healing prayer as a way of life in our families, church and community.

As teachers and directors of this work, Betsy and Diane teach three levels of courses that train class members about healing prayer as intercessors, and also provide opportunities to train as a prayer team. The three series of twelve classes are scheduled Sunday afternoons at Yorktown Vineyard. Please contact us if you are interested in participating.

The materials used were written and produced by Christian Healing Ministries, a Christ-centered, nondenominational, and non-profit organization that is dedicated to the practice and teaching of healing prayer begun by Francis and Judith MacNutt.



Coming before God on behalf of others and petitioning our Father in Heaven for situations and events that are prevalent in our lives is a mainstay of Yorktown Vineyard. We take prayer and supplication seriously, and under the direction of our Intercession Leader, Evelyn Schmidt, confidentiality and consistency are the hallmark of our Intercession ministry. We have a small, dedicated team of intercessors who connect weekly or as needed to pray for the needs of our people, our extended families, our community, state, country and the nations. You may express a prayer need in person, by leaving a written prayer request at church (or mail), or by sending an email.

Philippians 4:6-7 “Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.”




At Yorktown Vineyard Community Church, we take worship seriously, with great reverence and joy. We worship with contemporary music (and sometimes some hymns) in a contemporary fashion according to biblical directives that tell us we can raise our hands or clap them, dance, shout for joy, laugh, weep and even be silent. You are free to stand up or sit down, and even close your eyes or open them. The most important thing is that each person connects with God through the work of the Holy Spirit – to worship Jesus Christ, our Savior and give him the Glory due his Name!

We believe that having a worship team that is ‘home grown’ is key to being of one heart as we lead our congregation in worship that is meaningful to our church family.  Therefore, we are always keeping our ears out for potential worship team participants. See Beth Bodemann if you are interested and feel you have a talent to share with us.

Please visit Vineyard Worship to see the history and philosophy of worship in the greater Vineyard family of churches.



No church ministry would be complete without a team of technicians that keep our sound systems running, song projections on cue, sermons recorded and shared… and Dave Jennings and Connie Kelly (with their faithful ‘silent partner’) do just that, Sunday after Sunday! We appreciate the dedication, sensitivity and attention they bring to their often-overlooked ministry. Be sure to thank them (in the sound booth at the back of church) when you visit!


What would visiting a church be without the warm welcome of a friendly smile, a cup of coffee and refreshments - tasteful seasonal decorations, and thoughtful service to one another? Celebrating birthdays, special events, pot-luck meals, small conferences and the like take special people with special talents for serving! As the saying goes, “Many hands make light work” - and honestly, many hands also have great fun fellowshipping in putting together a wonderful atmosphere for the church body to enjoy. Come be a part of our Hospitality team - or jump in for special occasions. Any help is gladly welcomed! Suzanne DeSouza would be glad to hear from you if you would like to help out on the team!