Kathy Linehan - Elder & Trustee

I surrendered my heart to Jesus Christ in 1985 after a co-worker shared the gospel and became a witness to me.  I have been in a relationship with the same fellowship of believers for twenty-five years in the Westchester area.  My service to the church has involved Children's Ministry, Missions, Intercessory Prayer and Adult Sunday School.  I am single, retired, and caring for my parents.  The desire of my heart is to see people's lives transformed (Romans 12:20) by the grace of God through the word of God.




Yvonne Jennings -  Trustee

The Lord is amazing and we are honored to serve Him and our church.  A client invited me to go to see the Passion Play, which changed my life forever.  My husband Dave and I relocated to Westchester in 2011 and when we walked into the Yorktown Vineyard, we knew this was to be our home church immediately.  I grew up in Manhattan and have traveled throughout 47 states in the USA and lived abroad for a number of years.  I have two children: Rodrigo and Paula, and six wonderful grandchildren.  Dave and I own several tax offices and strive to serve our community.  I thank the Lord for giving me the ability and knowledge to help with the finances of our church.